We manufacture our mattresses
in our 2500 m² workshop

Located in the outskirts of Besançon, in the East of France, our factory looked towards the future at the beginning of 2010 by integrating its new premises. A mattress workshop and a headboard/ bedstead workshop coexist in the same modern, bright space.

Man is at the heart of our manufacturing process

All of our mattresses, bedsteads and headboards are designed and made by us, in our workshops. From design to final delivery, the women and men of Happiness Cloud make every possible effort to improve your well-being and nights. Each product is manufactured to order and requires 6 weeks to reach your home. This is the time required for a careful and reasonable production cycle of product intended for daily use over 8 to 10 years.

The women and men of Happiness Cloud make every possible effort to improve your well-being and nights.

Materials: a crucial element of your well-being

Since 1955, materials guide our thinking, from the design to the realisation of our models. We have the pleasure to work on materials such as horsehair, natural latex, silk, walnut or oak wood, to name only a few.

The chefs of the great restaurants use the best ingredients to delight your taste buds. Similarly, Happiness Cloud uses the finest materials to enchant your nights.

Design & production in our workshop in Besançon

We are surrounded by a team of enthusiasts

  • Woodworking workshop


    Oak, ash and fir are the noble woods most commonly used in our workshop. With solid wood, each bed is a unique piece.

    Models have evolved but methods for machining and assembling solid woods have been the same since my arrival in the company in 1986. We undertake each production with the same focus on precision, an equal care for the finishing.

  • Tapestry Workshop


    After dressing a bed, I often wonder where it goes. I made beds of all shapes and colours, circle beds and square beds, with flowers and checkers...

    There are some I preferred, but I stuffed, dressed, upholstered, sheathed them all, thinking of those who were going to use them. It always represents a new challenge and we take pride in the result.

  • Mattress workshop


    The mattress relies both on technical and physical skills. It is a very demanding job. No schools, rather time dedicated to learning, understanding and transmitting. Each material has its own peculiarities, resistance or elasticity. The craft of man is still crucial.

    Being able to use noble, natural and high-quality materials brings value to our work. 
 This shows to our customers an even better know-how.


Beds conceived & made for
your well-being

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