These days, choosing a mattress can be a daunting challenge !

A mattress perfectly adapted to your sleeper profile guarantees you restful sleep and an ideal quality of life. On the other hand, an unsuitable mattress can cause real health problems: back problems, circulation problems, stress and irritability due to constant movement. Moreover, while the quality of sleep depends on the quality of the mattress, the quality of the mattress depends on its production.

At Happiness Cloud we emphasise top quality, no compromises. Our master craftsmen are committed to producing mattresses that meet very exacting specifications. They select the materials used in their production in an ultra-rigorous selection process.

How does one choose the best mattress from the Happiness Cloud collections? To guarantee that you find the mattress that best meets your needs, our sleep experts can provide you with guidance on the essential elements using the lexicon of bedding.

What are the main points to consider when choosing
the best mattress?

Use 1

A mattress is chosen differently according to whether it is for everyday use or use on an occasional basis, in a guest bedroom.

Dimensions 2

Of course, the dimensions of the mattress will differ according to whether it is for a couple or for a single person, an adolescent or a child. Of course, a mattress must be suitable for your size and must adapt perfectly to your sleeping position.

At Happiness Cloud, we offer mattresses 190, 200 and 210cm in length as well as various options in terms of width, depending on your morphology and the dimensions of the room.

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Technology 3

Mattresses are made from three main families of materials: springs, foam and latex. Mattresses can also be made from a combination of several of these materials. All of the materials chosen have different properties that influence the comfort of the mattress.

Discover the materials used in the composition of our mattresses.

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Ventilation 4

Good ventilation is very important, depending on the profile of the sleeper. Indeed, the sleeper should not experience excessive transpiration due to unsuitable materials or an absence of ventilation. You may also wish to consider the climate in your home and your preferences when it comes to room temperature.

Hygiene 5

Happiness Cloud rigorously selects the most natural materials. The lightest of sleepers will appreciate our mattresses, in particular the Sirius, which is made from latex with copper particles. The copper granules are uniformly distributed across the latex, forming an antimicrobial film close to the skin.


Feel 6

Given that there is no standardised firmness scale, each sleeper experiences a different sensation according to their weight. A mattress considered by one person to be “firm” may be considered “soft” by another. With its many years of expertise, Happiness Cloud offers well-balanced comfort. The best way to determine the level of comfort provided by a mattress is, of course, to try it. This being the case, we want to inform you directly of our models in our showrooms or directly on the premises of our manufacturer.

Suitable support 7

Each mattress requires a base suited to its technology. Happiness Cloud can advise you on the right base for each of its mattresses in order to optimise comfort and guarantee the durability of its mattresses. You can also add your personal touch to our selection of finishing fabrics.

Some pitfalls to avoid when choosing

Buying bed linen separately

One must always change the mattress and the base, i.e. change them together to be able to define the ideal combination. If your mattress is tired, your base will be just as tired. For greater comfort and a high-quality base, Happiness Cloud offers you matching bases and mattresses.

Underestimating dimensions

For a double bed, it is recommended that 20cm be added to the height of the taller member of the couple. If there is an excessive difference in build between the two, Happiness Cloud advises that two individual mattresses be used on the same base. You will find them in our models under the heading DUO. In addition, Happiness Cloud offers mattresses 190, 200 and 210cm in length as well as various options in terms of width, depending on your morphology and the dimensions of the room.

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